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Using Zoom Rooms in a Coworking Space


Has anyone implemented Zoom Rooms in a shared environment? We're suspecting that a 3rd-party scheduling tool will be necessary to connect multiple calendar integrations together (GSuite and O365 are the first use cases) and that one umbrella company will need to manage the room but wanted to see if there were other suggestions on how to integrate Zoom Rooms with multiple organizations who share the same conference rooms.

cheers ... 🙂 gn


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @gnewt42, only one calendar can be added to a Zoom Room as of the moment. However, I recommend setting up a dedicated calendar for the Zoom Room instead, sync it with the Zoom Room and include the necessary hosts/executives to the calendar event whenever one is created/scheduled, however, with the workaround the meetings will be visible for both executives sharing the Zoom Room. 

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