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Smart Gallery compatible hardware




We are surveying how to support Smart Gallery for our hardware. Anyone know what's the specifications about Smart Gallery? How many multi-stream we need to output for zoom? What's content for each stream?




Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee
I think multi stream function using Zoom Rooms has up to 6. 
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Hi ArvinG,


Thanks for your reply.


We are developing a video conference device, and we want to support the Zoom Smart Gallery(multi-stream) feature.


Do you have more detail spec. or documents to describe the requirements about the feature, such as multi-stream resolution,  content, etc. And how can we get the certification?



Hi ArvinG,

We would like to develop a camera which can support smart gallery with camera multi-stream enabled.


Assume only one lens and one image sensor in camera, how to support Smart gallery in following?

1. Camera delivers 3 video stream as Smart gallery required?

2. What resolution requirement for each video stream?

3. others required?