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Need help with LED Enclosure Integration - LED Frequency???


Hello, I have an Iadea XDS-1078 tablet (Android 7.1) that has an older zoom room controller .apk (5.3.0) installed on it.  It's working great as a room scheduler but the side LEDs are not green when available or red when busy.  I've looked on the Zoom admin page under Scheduling Display and have the LED Enclosure Integration toggled on but there are additional settings for Frequency-Green in Hz and Frequency-Red in Hz.  Not sure what to put there to get the LEDs to light up.  I tried 60 and 80 without any luck.  Any suggestions?  Pic attached with current Thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi Trey,


My guess is this tablet does not fall under the supported hardware for said feature. "If you're using a supported LED enclosure, you can have the LED change color to indicate the status of the room" I read this as only specific add-on enclosures are supported.

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