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Native Room Controls - Response Filters


In the documentation for Native Room Controls, Response Filters are mentioned, but there's not enough information to implement them and no examples.


"It is also simple to add your own for Response Filters. Within the rules section, you can also use the Trigger Events discussed below to drive your own automation with outside inputs."


How about some examples? How is user_customized_event1 generated? What is the format of the response_filter section?



I also need an example for feedback from TCP and RS232.
Also wondering about Button style change like toggling between active and inactive button states based on feedback. 

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner


Also, looks like the Documentation could use a fresh up and be more detailed.

for example: in the doc is mentioned that one can use a button to trigger an event but no example of how to do it.


please add more optionality like creating macros to run multiple commands on button press, for example:

turning off multiple devices on room off button press.