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Auto login not working on Windows 11 Zoom Room PC


Hello.  We had been using Windows 10 PCs for our Zoom Rooms and used Sysinternals AutoLogon to add the sign in user to automatically log into the machine.  We have moved one of our rooms to a Windows 11 PC and the auto-logon is not working.  I know this is more of a Windows issue than a Zoom issue but I am wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @pb_jberg 


Our company does not use Windows 11 PCs, but this article is of interest to us because we will eventually need to use Windows 11.

I searched the internet and found an article about how we were able to auto-login using Sysinternals AutoLogon.

The two key points are as follows.
1. Use the autologon64.exe file.
2. Run as administrator.


Windows11で自動ログインする方法(設定・解除手順) | おせちてっく (


Give it a try and then give me feedback on your results.

We have tried that and unfortunately it still does not work.  We have another PC in our fleet that was running Windows 10 and then was upgraded to Windows 11 and works fine.  I checked the registry settings on that one and made sure the the new one matches.  Random issue...