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Active Speaker Box Greyed Out


We are having an issue where in gallery mode everyone's video is fine, until someone speaks.  When someone speaks their box in the gallery view is just a grey box.  This only happens in the room where the zoom room is and all remote participants do not have this affect.  Exact description from the user at the time is below:


I just did a test call with a couple of my colleagues and when the zoom meeting is set to “gallery” view one persons box is gray even though they have their video on, and sometimes when another person talks their box goes gray. When I changed the view to “thumbnail” view or “speaker” view there was no gray boxes so it only seems to be happening in gallery view.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

That's a new one! Definitely sounds like a bug.


Which version of Zoom Rooms are you running?

Which OS?

What type of hardware is being used?


This information will help to inform next steps

Thanks for the quick response.  It is a Logitech Tap system: TAPZOMBASEINT (TAP Controller 939-001950) TAPZOMBASEINT (INTEL NUC11TNKi5).


The OS is: Windows 10.0.17763.1697

The Zoom App Version is: 5.15.5 (3049) , 32bit


It does appear as though there is a zoom rooms app update (guess I should have started there).