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Zoom Rooom Quick Join Not Working with Google Meet




We have Zoom rooms working with both Zoom and Teams with no issues.

We're however having problems with meetings that are initiated from Google Meet.


The Google Meet host, sends the Google Meet invitation to our Zoom Room calendar.  

The Zoom Room then displays the Google Meet event with the "Join" button.

Pressing the "Join" button causes meeting to appear to launch, but stays in the "Joining meeting.." and never joins the meeting.

Alternatively, I can join the meeting by selecting the Google Meet icon in the Zoom Room (Tap controller) and enter the Google Meet meeting ID.  This allows me to join the meeting with no issues.


As mentioned above, this is not a problem with either Zoom or Teams meetings.


Could someone shed any light on this?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Could you please provide information on your ZR hardware, make model, software? 

I have tested Google Meeting Introp from a ZR and can join both via one touch join - calendar integration on ZR and manually using the Google Meet button on the ZR controller. 

Please also cross check this support guide to make sure you are on the correct version of software.

Also not working for us. 


Rally Bar on Colab OS 18 and Zoom 5.14.0