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Zoom Certified vs. Zoom Compatible


Is there an article explaining the difference between Zoom Certified Phones and Zoom Compatible Phones? We bought the Cisco 8865 thinking we would be able to use it for video calls/meetings but I've recently discovered that is not the case. Thanks!



Zoom certified desk phones are audio devices. If you want video calling via meetings, go look at the Poly CCX line of Zoom Phone Appliances. Audiocodes also has a Zoom Phone Appliance. Zoom list what they've tested to work with their service and also show what firmware load they confirmed works. However, you can enable 3rd party SIP (other device type) and you can use that to register devices that are not listed in the article. But be aware, that doesn't guarantee full functionality of features with this setup. You'll also need to sign a waiver and have from the start 50 devices that use this device type.