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Are there any recommended accessories for enhancing the Zoom experience on a Windows tablet?


Hello Zoom Community!


I've recently started using Zoom on my Windows tablet for work and personal meetings, and while the experience has been generally good, I feel like there might be some accessories out there that could enhance it even further. I'm curious if anyone has any recommendations for accessories that can improve the Zoom experience on a Windows tablet?


Here are a few specific areas I'm interested in:


Audio Enhancement: I've noticed that sometimes the built-in microphone and speakers on my Windows tablet aren't the best, especially in noisy environments. Are there any external microphones or headphones that work well with Windows tablets for clearer audio during Zoom calls?


Stability and Ergonomics: Holding a tablet for extended periods during Zoom meetings can sometimes get uncomfortable. Are there any stands, mounts, or ergonomic accessories designed specifically for Windows tablets that make it easier to use during long calls?


Camera Quality: The camera on my Windows tablet is decent, but I'm wondering if there are any external webcams available that offer better video quality for Zoom meetings? I'm particularly interested in models that are compatible with Windows tablets.


Stylus or Pen Input: Sometimes I need to annotate documents or sketches during Zoom presentations. Are there any stylus pens or digital pens that work well with Windows tablets for this purpose, providing precise input and seamless integration with Zoom's annotation features?


Battery Life: Zoom calls can drain the battery pretty quickly, especially on older tablets. Are there any portable chargers or power banks that are compatible with Windows tablets and can keep them powered up during lengthy meetings?


I'm open to any other accessory recommendations or tips that you think could enhance the Zoom experience on a Windows tablet. Please feel free to share your experiences, suggestions, or even cautionary tales about accessories you've tried.


Thanks in advance for your input!