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How Long to Verify Emergency Address?


Hi. We have added a new site to our portal and have added a new emergency address. How long does verification take?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi oz1,


these links may be useful.


Emergency Calling and Services

Set enhanced emergency calling location addresses and define optional emergency call intercept and redirect rules. Configure nomadic emergency services that implement a location-aware system to pass locations for emergency calls.

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thanks,  eliot


What exactly are you seeing? Typically, if Zoom's e911 provider cannot verify an address, it won't add it. You'll have to open a ticket with Zoom to have them reach out to their e911 provider to get that address verified. Now, it can go unverified after it was initially verified which is odd and something I've experienced several times. Clicking verify again could fix the issue or it could happen again and again.