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SMS Changes - Canada




I received an email from Zoom speaking about Brand and Campaigns for Canadian SMS.  


I have been using Zoom as a secondary business number on my cell phone.


I want new customers to be able to text me.  Will I still be able to do this with my business and customers?  Point 3 saying a max of 49 numbers are allowed per campaign is the confusing part to me.  Does that mean I can only text out or have numbers text into my Zoom business number if I have previously added them to a campaign list?  I hope it means, that I add my Zoom Business numbers to the list, so if I had a few business numbers, I could add them all to the list, and then text like normal in and out, to new customers.   Can someone clarify? 





I'm having the same issue. I suspect it needs an EIN an employer tax number from the IRS which requires some paper work and time. This change is additionally problematic as it appears that if you don't send a message within 60 days then the settings will be removed as there is a $250 fine for non usage from the carriers.


I suspect sms will become unusable on zoom.