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Poly Edge e220 offline


Just getting started with ZP.

I have had 2 of these phoens go bad on me. Meaning i cannot factory reset them as i've had to RMA them.

The first I thought was a fluke.

The second not so much.  

Have a Reception phone setup as a shared line group.  The phone is part of this line Group.  When I had it setup it was working properly.  Came back from Easter Holiday and red  x through the line appearance. In the phone on ZP Admin it says "

Factory reset needed for provisioning
This device supports zero touch provisioning. After the factory reset is triggered, the process will take a few minutes, please wait until it is finished. If it fails, try Assisted Provisioning."
The first phone said this then i added a new phone new mac, etc and it sayss the same thing.
Firmware on my working phone is
FIrware on broken phone is 




Any thoughts?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Paul-Varenholt 


The certified version is When you factory reset it should come back to this version. Are you controlling the firmware version using Company Info -> Account Settings -> Desk phone -> firmware ?