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More Granular Real Time Analytics Requested


Our agents are more productive when they can view a "real time" wallboard with more granular details.

This would be top most on our wish list! We'd also like to be able to drill into the call queues to the agent detail levels and show a panel with all call queues and the number of agents that populate them.  I'm sure that  your developers can recreate this!


Agent Status by Agent Name
Agent Name / Agent Status/ # Calls/ # ACD/ Duration/ Release Code/ Caller Name / Num Group/ % ACD /Answ # /NACD Extrn # /NACD In # /NACD Intrn

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @dkaseman1, thanks for the suggestion! The Zoom Community is not a place where feature requests are tracked, so I highly encourage you to submit your ideas within our feedback form: