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Mobile app doesn't show new name when re-using an extension


I've run into this issue multiple times with the Zoom mobile app on Android different devices and it has occurred across multiple versions of the Zoom mobile app including the most recent.  I can't say for certain if it occurs on iOS as no iOS users have reported this to me.


I have an existing user "John Doe" with x1000.  I delete John Doe entirely of Zoom Phone and as a Zoom User.  I create new user "Jane Smith" and assign them to x1000. Users still see "John Doe" calling them when a call comes in or is transferred from x1000.


Deleting the Zoom app from the device and telling it to delete associate data then re-installing will resolve the issue.


This seems to be some kind of bug with the local caches on the device not getting refreshed.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @EM123,


I have tested this and it seems like the very first call from the re-used extension to a user using Android device will register the original owner's Name but the subsequent calls will be registered the the current owner. User does not have to delete/reinstall the app, they can either update it or just delete the Cache of the app itself.






I haven't had any new reports from Android users but one of the original reports did see the wrong name across multiple calls.  Unfortunately I didn't get app version they were running but I know it has been updated at least once since then, so it's possible some bug fixes have come into play.


I have had 2 iOS reports and as one of those is an IT co-worker I can confirm reliability of their information.  They had repeated calls from a renamed user that still showed the original name.  Logging out of the app and back it had no change.  They are using the latest version of the iOS app.   I did not have them delete/re-install the app.


I have an on-going support case about this issue and they had me send logs from this iOS device to escalate to development so hopefully they find what the problem is.


My profile shows my zoom name and pronouns and says to reveal them.  But all I get is "zoom user" in every meeting.  That's a recent change.  Thanks for any wisdom.