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Frequency of updates


I was curious how many updates Zoom has had in the past month. I recently had some connection issues, so I updated the app on my iPhone. Not long after, I had an issue whereby someone was unable to call me via Zoom; it came through as a ‘Notification’ only, not as an actual call with a ringtone. My technical support person told me I needed to update Zoom on my phone again. Just curious how many updates there have been lately, and how often I should simply update on a regular basis?



I'm not an expert. Just sharing my 2 cents. zoom tends to update a lot frequently. 


So what we do for our case is always check for zoom updates (by going to help > check for updates on PC, and app store on mobile) to ensure we are on the latest zoom client.


Apparently when you contact support, one of their troubleshooting steps is to check if you are on the latest zoom.


We all ended up making it a habit that before going into any meetings, check for updates first.


With regard to frequency, I lost count, but at least 1 in every 2 weeks if I recall correctly, or if they have a security fix or bug fix then it could be as frequent as it could be.