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Allow call control from client defect


We have started testing this feature which was recently introduced in the zoom client.

Using desk phone call control – Zoom Support


When users enable this feature, and then take their laptop home the phone they are 'controlling' is not reachable unless they VPN into the network.  

If a user tries to disable this feature, the zoom client won't allow them to while the phone is unreachable.  

I think that this control feature should be allowed to be easily be disabled (in the zoom client not the web ui) whether the phone is reachable or not (so the user can use their local zoom client).  

Anyone else had this experience and how do we turn this conversation into a feature request?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I can see where this would be a problem! The developers and testers probably didn't consider that users would take their computers away from the office. We have anxiously been awaiting to test this feature but we have Zoom Phone Appliance desk phones which don't yet support Call Control unfortunately.


Be sure to provide feedback. It is definitely a huge oversight.




I like it the way it is, thanks for the feedback.