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10DLC Campaign Registration -- Realistic timeframe for approval?


Hello all,


The most current Zoom 10DLC support was updated in May. It states that "Campaign approval is taking 2-3 weeks due to a backlog with downstream carriers and providers."


My brand was approved instantly on May 5th, 2023, but my campaign is still pending after all this time. We are now sitting at 5+ weeks since my submission. Does anyone else have recent data points for how long it's taking to get a campaign approved?


I have a non-Zoom datapoint of a one week turnaround time for an AT&T Office at Hand/Ring Central campaign I was working on for my day job back in May.


Appreciate any input everyone has!



Can't recall the date but brand approved rapidly now at least a month on #'s are still listed as pending though sms says enabled.

I finally have resolution to my 10DLC registration, so I just wanted to share the timeframe now that it’s done!


  1. May 5: Submitted brand registration (approved within seconds)
  2. May 5: Submitted SMS Campaign
  3. June 29: Campaign was approved (after opening a ticket with Zoom on June 21)
  4. June 30: Went to Phone System Management —> Phone Numbers and assigned campaigns to phone numbers. Messaging capability briefly showed disabled, and within 10 minutes messaging capability was back and messaging verification status was verified.

So, I’m in business now, but it took every bit of 8 weeks. The same process with RingCentral for my day job took about 2 weeks, including multiple rejected submissions (not sure if they were being pickier about campaigns or were outsourcing the work).


Hopefully yours is all set now, too!

We are also experiencing a delay in campaign approval.  The documentation states approvals may take up to 5 business days (  A FAQ page now lists delays of 2 to 3 weeks (


Would you think logging a support ticket would expedite this endeavor?


Mine's been outstanding over 3 months and my account rep said there's nothing anyone can do about it beyond submitted a 'nudge' request which they did at 2 months.