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Shimmering zoom screen with alternating and flickering image color


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

If you are experiencing  any issue(s) with latency, frozen screen, poor quality audio, or meetings getting disconnected during Zoom calls, the top two things you can check are:

Make sure you are running the latest version of the Zoom app. It typically updates a few times a month.

Who and what else in your home is using your Internet connection? If you or family members are connecting, streaming, uploading, or downloading at the same time as your meeting, it will cut into your available bandwidth.  

If you are still experiencing issues, try these troubling shooting tips for improving connection quality.

Adjust Your Computer/Zoom 

Close unnecessary applications on your computer.  

Turn off virtual backgrounds.

Turn off your HD camera setting, or even turn off your camera entirely. For very poor connections, call into the meeting on your phone for audio and keep camera, microphone, and computer speakers off. 

Displaying 50 camera windows on your screen may be difficult for your processor.

Turn on Hide Non-Video Participants, or

Switch to Active Speaker View instead of Gallery View

When screen sharing, only share as long as it is necessary.

Mute the microphone when you are not talking.

Avoid downloading files during your Zoom meeting

Work Around Performance Issues

If you are presenter, share the materials with a co-host in case you have issues.

Use online collaboration tools such as Box, SharePoint, etc. rather than screen sharing whenever possible.

Optimize Your Internet 

Plug directly into your home router. Many home routers offer different speeds for Wi-Fi versus hard-wired connections.

When wireless is necessary, bring the device close to your router or hot spot connection.

Measure your bandwidth speed.

Zoom recommends an internet speed of 1.5 mbps (megabits per second for both download and upload) for Gallery View option or 720p video. Additional bandwidth recommendations can be found at Zoom System Requirements.

Use a speed test such as to determine your bandwidth and compare to the recommendation above.

I am Zoom Enthusiast (Part of PT. Kayreach System, Indonesia Authorized Reseller, Certified Zoom Room, Zoom Phone, and Pro AV Integrator)

Hi trying to get the latest app. But the zoom update says. "Zoom updating just a few seconds . . " But it's been frozen at 50% for the last 2 days.

I've closed down zoom, restarted my computer with no change.

I guess I need to uninstall Zoom and reinstall


Hi I just install zoom into my new lap top, the camera work the first time, 2nd time log in, camera not working. Have tried installing again and it works, 2nd time log in, it cant again.  what should I do