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I have a question regarding zoom reporting.

I figured out how to download who attended my class.


My students try to enter my zoom class from their homes, and when

I click "permission" button on my desktop zoom application, they can enter.


There was a student who was not able to enter the class just because

I did not notice the student was trying to enter my class.  I was focusing on

my class topic and was not able to see the button that popped up and

showed who was trying to enter.


But the zoom reporting shows his name and duration of time at the

time of my class.


Does the zoom reporting show whoever tries to enter the zoom meeting

even if I did not click permission button and never had a chance to see

their faces on zoom?


Is there any article that can answer the question above?






Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @shig can you share the settings that you've had set for this meeting? Did you have the waiting room enabled for the meeting? Can you please elaborate on where you were configuring the permissions for the meeting? 


Secondly, can you please clarify the report you're trying to export? For example, like a usage report


Suggest looking into the following KBs:

Generating meeting reports

Getting started with Zoom reporting

Zoom Community Moderator

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