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why no labels for recordings


When I first start on zoom 3+ years, ago, all of the recording links had details labels, which indicated

the subject for event name, the date and time of the recording, and the length of the recording.   This was very helpful in sorting out multiple recording links each day, and making sure each of my groups received the correct recording link.  About a year or more ago, Zoom did away with those recording labels-now it is just a random string of code/characters, with no ID to say what it is from.  Because of that, I have made the mistake more than once sending the wrong recording to the wrong group.

So why on earth would Zoom do away with recording labels?  I have tried asking support and chat, but nobody ever bothers to answer that question.   I can't be the only one who was dealing with multiple recordings per day, and found those label/ID's useful.  Any reason for hope to get Zoom to restore ID labels for each recording?



You can organize and label your Zoom recordings automatically using