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screen sharing powerpoint


When screen sharing my powerpoint presentations there seems to an intermittent problem when trying to click on to the next slide in the powerpoint.


This appears to be completely random as it varies each time as to which slide gets 'stuck'?  What else is strange is that the screen doesn't appear to be 'frozen' as I can see a small area of the next slide trying to appear?


The only way to deal with this seems to be to move on one extra slide and then go back again - this is not good as it completely destroys the flow of what I am saying and the information that is being unfolded.


I work on a mac and have checked my computer with apple support and all operating absolutely fine.


What is so strange is that this problem only started a few months ago after giving at least 100 powerpoint presentations by zoom without any problems?


This is really stressing me out.  Hope someone can help!