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registration not converted


Hello everyone, I've just made a meeting with registraton, the registration was running correctly, but when I stoped the meeting, it didn't start the converting window and I don't see it in the folder with the registrations. Is it possible to restore it or it has been lost forever?
Thank you.

Best regards.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @diana_86,


Do you know if you were recording to the Zoom Cloud, or locally?  Sounds like you might have been recording locally, and if the recordings are not in the place Zoom says they should be, I'm not sure where to tell you to look.


Where should they be?  Open the Zoom Settings window, go to the Recording tab, and look at the "Local Recording - Store my recording at:" field... that's where they should be.  You can click the Open button next to that to immediately open that folder - if it exists and you have access.  (Your location will be different than mine, shown here:)


If you DO find files there, but the recording hasn't been "converted", see this Zoom Support article for instructions on how to re-start the conversion process in the How to access and convert local recording files with the desktop client section: 

Here's another helpful link if you're having trouble converting:


If you recorded to the Cloud, log in to the web site with your account, and select the Recordings tab on the left:



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Hi Ray_Harwood,

thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunatly the recording wasn't on cloud, and in the folder that you suggest to search (which is matching to the same in the settings), there is no recording of the meeting. I remember that it was switch on 'Recording' during the meeting, but when I stopped the meeting, the window that appears normally to covert the recording in this case didn't appear. How it is possible? Is there any way to restore that recording or it is compleatly lost?
Thanks again for your support!