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poor users group video experience


Hi all, 


So at the office, there were 15+ employees that joined the same video group video meeting on the same LAN network, the same firewall, the same internet connection, and in the same building.  They all complained about the video freezing,  poor resolution, and low frames rate.  


The group video meeting was started using a free account. That will explain the low 640X360 Res and Frames rate based on this thread,


The office internet is a dedicated 300/300 Mbps from a fiber ISP and has an oversized (NGFW) firewall that can handle  350K connections for 75 employees.  We ran 2nd test with 15 participants that join the same group meeting. The internet BW was not maxed out and the FW was not overloaded.  But, the participants are having the same freezing issue 


Does the free account has any more restrictions?  Such as, the Maximum number of zoom clients/Participants can join behind a single  NATed public ip address? 




The Tired IT Tech.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello, tired-IT-Tech!


We apologize that this thread has not yet had a reply. I'd like to mention a few things that could help.


You mentioned that you did not see an indication that bandwidth to your network edge capacity (firewalls, Internet egress, etc.) was oversubscribed by your call testing; please note that call analytics and support are included with Business, EDU and Enterprise accounts, and could help us dig into reasons for the performance you experienced. We also offer advanced services fo deeper network engagements.


In terms of general routing and architecture, since Zoom is a cloud service, the connections for multiparty meetings should all route to/from the Zoom cloud service, as opposed to connecting over your LAN.


  • Routing over LAN is available for 1:1 calls/meetings with appropriate configuration.
  • For specialized applications we also offer optional On-Premises/Hybrid Zoom solutions to Business/EDU/Enterprise accounts.


Benefits of Paid (Business, EDU, Enterprise, etc) accounts: 

1) There are improvements for tools and Zoom backend data centers that are available to paid business accounts, so these accounts should provide a better overall service. You may benefit from reading our whitepaper here: 

2) With the Business, Enterprise, EDU accounts we provide a Dashboard that can be used to identify issues with everything from internet bandwidth and quality to issues with CPU or other computer issues.

3) If a paid solution is desirable, deeper network testing diagnostics can be performed by engaging our team of Solutions Engineers and Solutions Architects. 

4) Access to Zoom Support services can provide a deeper look at problems with meetings and helping to identify and resolve anything from Zoom client devices to network routing, Zoom Data Center routing and more.


Since analyzing network conditions and client system endpoints performance can get deep pretty quickly, I'd recommend that we connect your IT team to the appropriate segment/regional sales team (Who can engage the Zoom SE and SA teams) at Zoom for a discussion on next steps and whether we can help you achieve the terrific results that we have for so many other Zoom business customers. We would be happy to see if we can identify the issues and help to resolve them. You can reach our sales team here: 


Thanks for reaching out to us, and for your patience with this late response.


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