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polls dissapeared


hello community, i had two polls saved and now they are gone! It seems that the update of the new version delete them. how can i find them? 



The same thing happened to me today, it really screwed up voting in an annual meeting of our church!  I contacted chat, per "Edward", the following happened:  When initially offered in client version 5.10.3, the default was set to allow users to create polls independent of meetings and save them to the "Poll Library" which was the tab available in the "Meetings" section of our accounts.  For some reason, they decided that this should not have been the default, so in their infinite wisdom they issued a change in the last few days that unchecked the "Allow users to manage saved polls..." checkbox on all accounts so as to force administrators to decide if this would be allowed.  I'm told that any such created polls in the poll library are still out there.

So you must have an administrator on your account go to the account settings and check the box in the "polls" section that says "Allow users to manage saved polls and quizzes from "Meetings" ".   After doing this, "Edward" told me that previously created polls will re-appear and can be used.  Good luck.  (I am not a Zoom employee, am only repeating what Zoom Support chat guy "Edward" told me.  I haven't yet verified this since our account administrator probably doesn't even know about this and won't be in until tomorrow.  I was however able to check the box in my personal account, and the "Polls" tab did suddenly re-appear, so that much is correct.)


Thank you. for documenting this, Steve. This is extremely helpful. I'm really upset that they turned off the poll feature. I work at  a large company and facilitate webinars every day. My team and I have several each week and sometimes each day, so the new library feature is extremely important to us. It's going to be a challenge to find the right person at my company who administers our zoom settings.