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never ending audio/mic problems


Hi all,


I have never ending problems with my audio since Zoom changed so many thinks the last month. Automatic noice cancelling etc., etc.

I am useing a lavalier mic for teaching classes and since last week this is not working anymore at all with Zoom. (it works with other programmes so no problem with the mic itself). Everthing was fine till 3 month ago but than Zoom changed something and my voice got cancelled out now and then when there was another sound as well and as I said since last week the mic is not working at all anymore.

Anyone got an idea? Can´t see any options in the settings.


Many thanks


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Boere I have no experience using a lavalier mic; but do you mind sending a redirect or URL to the product you're using for teaching? Trying to do some research as to this mic with Zoom meetings and the configuration of the microphone. 


Can you also share what OS (operating system) you're running Zoom on whether that is macOS (version?) or Windows 10/11? As well as the Zoom version you're currently having issues with? 


Thanks! Looking forward to your reply 🙂 

Zoom Community Moderator

Have you heard about Zoom AI Companion? ➡️ Check it out!


I teach flute and I can't hear my student. She is using a Bluesnowball mic like my other students. She is on a Acer Laptop.