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leaked passwords


My Zoom is breaking during meetings, just stopping (regardless of whether I'm the guest or host).

Then, when I log back in, it posts my password on screen as my ID name instead of my ID name. 


It's happened during each of the last 3 meetings, and it's concerning because it's a clear leak of a password. 

It's also failing to allow any shares after you have done one (and stopped it), even when the host permits it.

Even the host can't sort it out. 

Have I broken Zoom? 

I tried to contact Zoom to talk about it, but they prefer that this all be public, I see. 



it just did it again. I DO NOT like my password being posted on screen for everyone to see! Does anyone have any idea on how this happened and how it can be fixed? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I've never heard of or seen such a situation. Did you grab a screenshot? 

I would mainly recommend uninstalling the Zoom app, restarting your computer, then reinstalling from here:

I wish I had got a screenshot, but then everybody in the whole community would have my password! Seriously, I can't change them fast enough ATM. Will try the dump and reload trick, thanks Bort.