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Zoom: 'your microphone is not working' after changing Windows user profile (bug?)


Hello there,

We're having problems with microphone sound when changing user account in Windows 10.
The microphone is not working after user change.
I found that disabling and enabling video when in conference helps to fix sound, but I would like to get help with finding permanent fix for this.

Using Zoom with HDMI-to-USB bridge.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @oliniichuk, assuming it's the HDMI to USB conversion, do you mind I ask how you're using an HDMI to USB? Is this used as an input source to your microphone? 


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Hey @RN , 

HDMI to USB used as video and microphone source. We are using this bridge to get different sources of video and audio (cameras, other PC and microphones) at the same time from media station.

From media station, we get HDMI output to our HDMI-USB bridge, and USB goes to PC, so actually on PC there's camera and input sound card appear.