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Becoming the focus of attention


Hey there helpful people!

I'm using the web app on Chrome OS.   I am logged into Zoom (basic free membership), audio settings set to "Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting" and "Mute my microphone when joining a meeting", and video settings set to "Turn off my video when join a meeting".

I join a daily meditation zoom every morning.  The host lets me in a couple of minutes before the meeting starts, and invariably my Zoom name becomes the featured image on everyone's screen, until the actual meeting starts when the host's video becomes featured.  I don't want this notoriety, and just want to be one of the humble thumbnails, like the other meeting attendees.  I've tried everything I can to not have my name become the featured image, but nothing works. This hiccup doesn't happen to anyone else, just li'l ol' me.

Any ideas you might have to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated!!

(note:  I've also tried changing the audio settings to NOT join audio by computer when joining a meeting, but that doesn't help).