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Zoom wont uninstall


Hi All,


Have a user whose zoom refuses to uninstall

User is on Windows 10

Tried the obvious uninstall zoom from control panel -> programs

zoom no longer in apps now

Tried zoomcleaner


I believe there may be some zoom files in the registry but what's bizarre is the application doesn't appear in the Control panel -> programs and features and the Settings apps & features


I've downloaded the latest zoom meetings client from the zoom download centre (5.15.6)

When i try to install the new version.

a download option with a bar for a few seconds appears then disappears and the old zoom client would open don't have the exact version number but its (5.11.xx)


the zoom registry ive deleted so far is inside for Zoom



Any help appreciated





I know I have been provided different versions of the ZoomClean.exe file by different support technicians, it may be possible you need to try a different version of it.  I have been unable to find a location to download the CleanZoom.exe file just searching so they seem to keep that from using it for general cleanup and they don't really have a version number on them to know if you have a good or current version.  The one I usually use is dated 4/4/22 is 540KB and details show as version 3.6.1130.616.  It would not allow me to attach the file to this post, sorry.


My other suggestion would be to use something like PiriForms CCleaner to cleanup anything leftover in your registry after uninstalling Zoom before trying to reinstall.