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Zoom without remote control option



Is there a version of zoom for linux that has the "remote control" option disabled by default?


I need this option disabled by default because my users sometimes join meetings as guests, so i can't use the admin center to disable it for them, and i can't disable it for all users one by one, because the OS we use doesn't save configuration.


is there a product like this?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @elgarsh welcome to the community! First, I want to ask and to better understand, are you referring to Requesting or giving remote control on Linux? 

Zoom Community Moderator

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Hello @RN  and thank you for your comment!

Well, not exacly.


Our organization uses Stratodesk no touch OS to log in to our network from home due to our cyber security policy.

This OS is on a USB stick and everytime you boot up, the comfiguration is reset exept for the applications that we deploy to the endpoints.

Because of that, i can't save the configuration in the endpoint and i can't disable the remote control option for every user, because the next time they will boot the OS, the configuration of the Zoom app will be reset.

I also can't use the admin center to force disabling the remote control, because most of the users use the guest option when they join a meeting.


So my only solution (if it exists) is to have a version of zoom that was developed without the remote control option.


Hope I explained myself better 🙂