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Zoom video not connecting


I have been so thankful for Zoom and helping my students and tutoring them at night from home.  However, there seems to be a change in the ZOOM, maybe a weird update, but now I cannot connect with video at all. I cannot see them and they cannot see me and it says we are both in a meeting that apparently no one can see or chat with each other.  When I start a meeting the video does not launch. It says I am in a meeting but I cannot talk or see my student and vice versa. Please HELP.  I called the support center on the website says they cannot find my profile or account!  I have one, been using it since COVID lockdown.  Please help. 



I had a very similar problem, ALSO TODAY, also seemed to follow an update.  The images of other people in the zoom meeting are frozen or I get a black background with their name in white letters.  The audio is still working in my case.  I am awaiting an answer to my ticket on Zoom support. Please help.