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Zoom support issues


I believe there is an issue with my organizations account or support for the account.  I called the zoom number and pressed 2 for tech support.  I then entered my personal meeting ID followed by my host id.  I was then told my account did not have phone support available and to use the community forum or Chat support.  I tried Chat support while logged in and I was told by the chat bot I did not qualify for that support either.  It then said to contact the account admin for more help (My account is account admin). Output from chat below.  We have Professional license with 10 users, how can that no qualify for support?  If that is the case we will have to look for another meeting option, paid 10 user account with no live support is not acceptable.

Unfortunately, your account does not have access to live chat support. 

We recommend viewing our online resources below 👇

Online Resources 

You can contact your account admin for further assistance. You can find the admin's contact information on your Zoom Account Profile page .

You can also ask questions, find answers and connect with peers in the Zoom Community. Click the link below to join 👇