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Zoom redirect url


Hope someone can help- this may be possible.


Say I have a membership site, and I have classes- my student hits the zoom link and they get into class.


Now say another instructor in another town is having a class of their own and using their own zoom account.


Can I use my membership site to put up my zoom link, and when the student hits my zoom link- can it be redirected to join that other instructor's zoom class? 




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @monilynn747 – it sounds complicated!  I think the answer to your question is a firm “no”: you can’t get your Zoom Meeting URL to drive someone to another person’s Zoom Meeting.


 There are several technical ways to get around this without having Zoom do the redirect. But they all pretty much involve bypassing useful security measures. Still, if you’re convinced you want to do this, why not have some sort of short link service (like Bitly) set up to point to your class; when a fellow instructor is having a class that you want your students to join for today … change the short link to point to his/her class – just remember to change it back tomorrow. 

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Thank you, great idea, I will look into that