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Zoom disconnecting and reconnecting


I see this topic has been discussed before but I do not see a satisfactory answer.


Preface: I just bought a brand new Dell Inspirion Laptop, see specs
1. Intel Core i7-1355U 13th Gen 

2. 16 GBs RAM

3. 1 TB disk Drive Capacity



I have a course I am taking online and recently upgraded to this laptop since the camera in the other laptop was getting unreliable.  I started my class last night and it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting me ever 10 mins or so.  If I miss 15 mins of each class I am counted as not being present and each session is required to pass the class.


Mitigation attempts

1. Update Win 11

2. Updated all drivers

3. Delete some bloatware

4. I tried zoom on the web and downloaded the software with no difference in behavior

5. Tried other online meeting vendor i.e. Google Meet



1. None of the updates prevent Zoom from disconnecting and reconnecting me as usual which means the problem still exists

2. Google meet worked as expected and stayed connected the entire time.



My conclusion is that there is a bug within Zoom software or a setting I need to adjust to prevent this since it seems it is isolated to Zoom.



I have the same problem on a MacBook.  It was working fine, and now every 20 minutes or so, I get disconnected.  It connects me again automatically, but it's a pain.  I'm trying to teach online.  It doesn't matter if I'm the host or a guest.  I'm really frustrated.