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Zoom crash logs in windows


Hi all,

I am trying to create a script in windows to fetch timestamps of zoom crashes in windows.


  • For Zoom application, I can see logs at this path:
    But for ZoomVDI application, I cannot find any crash logs at this path even when application crashed:
    Is there a way to fetch zoomVDI crash logs in a Windows 10 VM ?

  • For Zoom crash logs, there are folders of this format "zoomcrash_<time>_<pid>" in logs folder and inside those folders there is a file called "crashrpt.xml". I need to get the timestamp details from this file. I want to know whether this is the generic path and format for zoom to store crash logs and will it be supported by Zoom going forward bcoz if the format or path changes, my script would break.



Anuj Kharbanda