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Zoom audio recording not converting


Hi all,

I just made a conference call and try to record twice a sequence of the conference call.

Sequences are quiet long and therefore huge. I asked the system to save them under my local computer.

Now, I do see some "doubleclicktoconvert_1" and "doubleclicktoconvert_2", but when I click,  it seems to quickly start and then nothing happens. I tried the techniques using to get zTscoder.exe, and it does the same.

Very strangely, i do not see those two recordings under the Zoom application!!!! 

Any help? Are my files too big (794 Ko and 1288615 Ko) and it will never work? should i be patient and it will take a few days to pop up? Or should I gave up ?

Thanks for any tips and help.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Rovenique, if locally recorded, you can find that recording in your Zoom desktop client, under 'meetings' 👉 'recorded' and you will see the locally recorded videos from there. As it's been some time, my apologies for not getting to your discussion sooner.  Suggest looking into Troubleshooting local recording issues and Finding and viewing local recordings


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