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Zoom Host and Alternative host Dialin Issues


BIG PROBLEM with NEW ZOOM set up: What is going on?

This is a real-life scenario that just happened, we have recreated it several times and, on all occasions, we get logged out of meetings.


If someone has scheduled a Zoom meeting as a host and created an alternative host, the Host is free to run a separate Zoom meeting, even when he is not logged into the original meeting or at least zoom used to work this way. For some reason zoom has changed this or they have a BIG bug in the new zoom system that makes it useless.

This caused an event for us on 22nd Feb; the original host was not in the 1st meeting (meeting one). It was started by and run by an alternative host.

Meeting one was started and running fine by the alternative host and then was cancelled/stopped; the alternative host had no idea what happened; this closed the meeting for the alternative host and would not allow them to log back into the meeting without disconnecting all participants. 

The original host, who was not in meeting one and had not dialled into the meeting one at all, was set up to attend another zoom meeting (meeting two) via his own zoom schedule. When the host from meeting one (who was not part of the other meeting or dialled into the other meeting) tried to access his zoom meeting two (the other meeting), he received a warning saying he (the host) was already in a meeting and if he continued he would need to log out of the other meeting. As this was the first time in 3 years we had seen this, we did not know that it was going to end meeting one (even though he was not part of meeting one) in order to attend meeting two.

He clicked on the close meeting button and continued to meeting two (he had no idea that this would close the other meeting). Thinking that he hadn't closed a meeting from earlier in the day, he proceeded with the close meeting.  This closed meeting one and would not allow the alternative host to log back in and start meeting one without disconnecting all participants.

The Alternative host had to log back into the meeting one to resume the original meeting room

We must find out from Zoom why hosts are somehow locked to the meeting they've scheduled and these cannot be fully owned by the alternative host. This new BUG makes zoom redundant as we have a business here we hold 3 full professional licenses and all 3 host/alternative hosts can now no longer use zoom for another meeting if they are the original host of the meeting

What is going on with ZOOM?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

In my use of Zoom for at least two years, this is known behavior. The licensed account owner who schedules the meeting is tied to that meeting whether they are there or not. They own a single license and therefore are limited to a single running meeting at a time. You are correct that the original license does not transfer upon the alternative host becoming the active host of the meeting.

As I understand it there are Zoom license options that allow two meetings at the same time, but I believe these exist in their Enterprise agreements.


This is definitely not a bug, but I am curious as to why it used to work this way for you in the past.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen