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Window Disappears on iMac If I Open Another Application


Whenever I am on a Zoom call on my iMac and I go to another application (like Slack, messages or email) during a meeting, I lose one of the windows. It's the window that is used for screen sharing (don't know the Zoom word for it). So, I am left with the gallery of participants but can't see the content without leaving the meeting and rejoining. The lost window is not on the dock. 


I am using the iMac screen as well as a monitor and it goes away on the monitor side, but I think it's about the other screen more than the monitor. 



This isn't a fix, but it could save you needing to rejoin the meeting: try selecting a Zoom window you can see (i.e. the gallery), and hit Cmd+` (backtick/tilde) to cycle windows. I'm having similar problems and this method pulls the second window back to the front.


I've had to resort using "Keep on top", which at least means I don't lose the screen share altogether: