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Win7 Home Zoom Desktop Client very slow to start



Happy new year 2024.

I got a problem on Windows 7 Home Edition, i3-2310M, 8GB computer.

I have uninstalled and downloaded latest version of Zoom Desktop Client.

I have used CleanZoom tool to uninstall Desktop Client.

I have tested with and without the anti-virus (Bitdefender)

I have tested with older versions of Desktop Client.

I confirm that Desktop Client was working well few weeks ago.

Always the same problem.

No problem during installation.

Zoom Desktop Client takes about 4-5 minutes to start (from start menu, from an e-mail link)

The application appears in Task Manager but no GUI during few minutes.

Can someone could help me to solve this issue ?

Zoom Desktop Client Version 5.17.2 (29988) (64 bit)

Windows 7 Home Edition v7601 SP1

Thank you for your help.