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Why was Zoom not able to hear my airpod microphone?


I joined a zoom call on my iphone.  Zoom is allowed to use my camera and microphone.  Zoom is allowed to use bluetooth.  Privacy settings set to allow Zoom to use my microphone.  however the meeting host could not hear me and we had to conduct the call via telephone.  Why?


Also can't use the "chatbot" feature on firefox or Chrome.  Tried adding Zoom to the list of pop-up blocker exceptions, still didn't work, tried disabling popup blocker altogether, still didn't work.  none of the support articles I have found seem to address this.


Also not sure why there doesn't seem to be a way to test the microphone input from inside the zoom app?



First, check out the "Set Microphone to left, right, or automatic" section of this article: Change the settings of your AirPods and AirPods Pro. To further isolate the cause of the issue you're experiencing, change which AirPod is being used as a mic.



Rachel Gomez

It is set to automatic and I had both airpods in, so I'm really not sure what you're suggesting or how it will get Zoom to accept sound input from my airpods

Seems to work fine now though, thank you.  I didn't do anything differently but now it's working.


Thanks for your reply.