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Why do the name for pollers appear in the .csv report, even when a poll is anonymous?


I have set up two sets of polls.  One is configured as "anonymous", and the other is non-anonymous.  When I download the poll results as a .csv file, it appears that the pollers' usernames appears next to the results, even when the poll is set up as anonymous.  If this is correct behavior, then what is the difference between an anonymous and a non-anonymous poll?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @ShoephoneWelcome to the Zoom community, we're happy you're here 😊

If registration was not turned on for the meeting, the polling report will show the profile names of unauthenticated participants and the names and email addresses of authenticated participants, as well each poll question, each participant's answer, and date and time of the submitted answers. 

If you turn on registration and then set up the poll to be anonymous, it should show "anonymous" for the participants' names and email addresses.

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