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White screen


Hello, my video screen keeps going white. Sometimes after about 10 minutes my image appears but then it might disappear again. Can anyone tell me which settings I need to change to resolve this issue? Many thanks! 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @SSH, do you mind sharing a screenshot of what you're experiencing? Looking forward to your response! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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Hi, I have the same issue.  Please see attachment for a screenshot of the problem

Please help asap!  thank you



I am having this problem. someone commented that it was the external webcam, but i have never experienced this problem until i moved into a new apartment. it happens every day i use zoom now.

Why would all of us be having issues with the external webcam at the same time.  Need help!


I fixed this issue by getting a new external webcam, in case it's helpful!

Any suggestions?

I am also experience the same white screen after sometime image appears and again the screen goes to white. How to resolve it !! Kindly help me through 


I have this issue as well. All of a sudden this morning when I was on a Zoom call (that I initiated from the Zoom desktop app on my PC, running windows 10) my video disappeared and in it's place a white screen is visible. I restarted Zoom, and then restarted my laptop and neither method fixed the issue. I have attached a screenshot here. 

I have the exact same problem also running Windows 10.  Need help Zoom.


I bought a new external web cam and it fixed the issue, FYI. 


I am having the same problem. Did anyone figure out a solution?


It ended up being my external webcam that was causing the issue. I got a new one and it fixed the issue for me. Hope that helps!


i have same issue tried all setting till not solved