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Webcam not functioning on Citrix VDI


hello all, 


I am using a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad and am working from within a virtual desktop in Citrix. I tested the camera outside my virtual desktop works fine for MS Teams and Zoom. Within the virtual desktop, I cannot see people nor be seen - there is not even a button to turn on the video. Also, I have not button to share my screen nor can I see other people sharing theirs. 


I have installed Zoom VDI (latest version 5.8.x), latest version of Citrix Workspace and latest version of Zoom itself - still not success. I tried accessing the virtual desktop from another laptop, everything works perfectly fine. 


I checked my anit-virus sofware  called bitdefender. It detects the use of the microphone as Citrix HDX Engine. I can hear people and people can hear me. So that at least works. The anit-virus software does not recognise the camera inside Citrix - but it does recognise the camera for both MS Teams and Zoom OUTSIDE the citrix virtual desktop. 


I have no idea what else should I do. Please help. 

Thank you very much!



Did you make any progress on this? I'm having a similar issue.


Had the same issue and was able to resolve it by downloading the same version Citrix plugin on my local machine that is part of the Citrix VDI/VAD desktop image.  Try that, it resolved the issue me us