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Waiting Room Problem with Muting Speakers


I plan, schedule and host zoom meetings for my school. Most of my meetings require practice, so I schedule a waiting room for most of my meetings/events to discuss the agenda with co-hosts. There is a problem with the zoom interface and waiting rooms when in a meeting:

  - if I am the host my name appears at the top of my participant list, and if a person is currently speaking/presenting to
     the group (mic is live) their name comes next in the list.

  - if an attendee joins the active meeting, they will appear in the waiting room, and their name will bump under my 
     name (host) in the participant list. 

This is where the problem arises....if I go to click to "admit" that person their name will be bumped further down the participant list, with no problems. However, if another co-host clicks "admit" before me, the active speaker's name will replace the waiting room person in the participant list, and the option to "mute" the speaker automatically comes up in the exact same space as the "admit" button, and I unwittingly hit the mute button. Now the person speaking has no idea they are muted, I have to ask them to unmute themselves and they continue to speak, and when someone tells them they are muted no one has any idea how that person was muted and everyone is confused. 


A simple fix would be: if I hit the mute button to mute a speaker, have another button come up that says "Do you want to mute the speaker?" That would help a lot. This has happened several times, and is a real problem for me and disturbs the flow of our presentations and makes me look bad.


Anyone agree?

Tks! PJB







Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @pjbrady ,


That is an interesting experience you have uncovered.  I have not had that happen to me, but given the detail in your workflow above I will test this out with some of my colleagues...


In the meantime, your recommendation sounds like a great feature request.  Please go to and fill out the form to share your idea with our product and engineering teams.


If this has answered your question, please click the Accept as Solution button below so that others in the Community may benefit as well.


Yes, this the same issue that we are experiencing. We have number of co-hosts who assist us with letting people into the meeting, so the chances of someone else hitting the admit button (which rapidly turns into a "mute" button for the host once one of us admits said person within a split second) is greatly increased. So we are consistently muting our hosts while they are speaking.
To further add to the confusion, we are split across nations, and so attempting to advise the host that this *has* occurred before they keep talking further is also a problem.
I'm happy for a work around or a redesigned in the interface.
Is there another way we can resolve this issue?
Also, the above link no longer works - is there an updated place to change this...