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Using Zoom via Basic tv browser



I  have a so called Smart TV and thought great I'd give Zoom (big screen) a go. I have gone to saved browser bookmark, can see the broadcast but cannot hear any sound. I have contacted Zoom tech people previously and not got any reply - message actually deleted.

My tv is Sony Bravia kd32w800 and I am using the tv sound which works for everything else.  i suppose I could connect my laptop to the Smart TV.


Any help welcome




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Steve3961uk 


You're on the right track about using your laptop.  It's rare that a browser embedded in a smart TV will have access to a microphone and camera (though obviously it has access to speakers!).  Better to work on sending your video from a Zoom-connected laptop (or tablet) to the TV display using any of the several techniques available for this.  Check your laptop and TV for compatibility.

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