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Use a remote controller when using slides as a virtual background


I want to use Powerpoint as a virtual background. I can currently use the arrows and mouse to transition between slides but would like to use a handheld remote controller (clicker) instead. I've tried 3 or 4 but none works with Zoom.


I've seen someone doing it successfully in a workshop but wasn't sure how. Help is appreciated either by suggesting a compatible device or a feature. Thanks



I have exactly the same problem. I use a logitech "clicker" that is usually plug-and-play. It just does nothing with zoom.


I cannot even use the mouse or touchpad, can only click on the arrows.


Does anyone have an idea how to handle this?

I've had a similar problem. We found that the first slide has to be changed using the PC's keyboard or mouse where the clicker is attached.  Once we do that, the clicker will work normally.  This, of course, is just a workaround instead of a fix.  If anyone knows how to get clickers working fully with Zoom I'm all ears.