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Upgrading from Pro to Business for a project pilot


I run a consultancy and need to extend my current Zoom Pro to Business to pilot a project. I only have one licence and I don't need more than one but the Business plan has 10 licences minimum. This is OTT for me as a small business.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi wendyauk,


if business is not appropriate for you, you might consider adding pro and or basic licenses.  sometimes a proof of concept can be arranged for a enterprise company that needs to be convinced that zoom is a good fit.  about a year ago, i worked with zoom sales team to provide a zoom phone poc for one of my bank clients with 400 users and 31 branches.  i also added some additional pro licenses and basic licenses for testing.  the poc was successful.


what features do you need that a business plan has but a pro plan does not have?  you can see plan descriptions in plans and pricing.

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thanks, eliot