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Unable to join this meeting, reject by host, 1, 16 Error code: 68

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Hi, I have a Zoom account logged in a remote Windows server (private). So that I can join the meeting whenever my team and I want.


However, if my co-worker asks me to be the host of the meeting and I assign him/her to be the host, I frequently see this error saying :
Unable to join this meeting, reject by host, 1, 16

Error code: 68


Afterward, the Zoom account that was logged in the remote Windows server suddenly exits the meeting.

Is there something wrong here ? Any help is appreciated.



External host had the meeting locked, not allowing new participants to join.

Zoom Error Codes
102015/16 Conference locked, join restricted

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Good catch, @Amaro_01.  If the meeting is locked, it’s possible that the granting of Host to another person puts @poolapack‘s Join status temporarily in limbo — because granting another person Host makes his account non-privileged (neither Host nor Cohost). If the meeting is locked, I’d recommend unlocking temporarily, grant Host, then have the new Host re-lock. 

Side note: This might be something that the dev team might want to take a look at. It probably shouldn’t be happening, but the situation is rare and the code to fix it might be overly complicated. 

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I would agree but in some cases, the participant may need to circle back with the host or cohost to unlock meeting.  I think I would be good to provide a feedback to the participant informing that "The Meeting is Locked By The Host" and therefore unable to join.  Displaying the generic error code is confusing for the participant and wont make sense of it.