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The recording was lost.


Hello. I had a zoom meeting at 6:00 pm and finished at 8:00 pm. All the time there was a record in the cloud. But already 01:00 but there is no zoom recording in the cloud. I saw that I had 1 GB left on the cloud, I just deleted two videos for a total of 1.5 GB on purpose, but nothing changed. I see that all 1 GB is on the cloud and there is no recording, writes that the recording is Processing Recording ... Here is the data about the recording: Content meeting with Artem
875 9776 4569Oct 4, 2021 05:56 PM
- I really need this record, I will lose my reputation in front of hundreds of students. Please help me to restore it. What do I need to do ?


Community Champion

If the recording still says "Processing Recording", that means the raw video is still converting to a video format you can view. You will just need to wait until it's finished. This does not mean the recording is lost.