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Take Notes in Zoom


For the first time today, I had the option of taking notes while in a meeting. When I clicked a button, it opened a document with all relevant meeting info. I wanted to know if the notes are shared with all participants, but I can neither find documentation on this nor get it to appear as an option again.


Is anyone out there with experience with this and is able to point me in the right direction?





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @GinaH 


This does not sound like a normal feature.


You were you a guest in the Meeting, or the Host?


Could it have been possible the Host circulated a separate note document via the Meeting Chat, or something like that?


Or maybe it was the live transcription window that popped up?


Have you installed any Zoom Apps?


@GinaH, I've also tried taking notes during zoom meetings and although the interface is clean, it was painful to do both, keep my focus on the discussion and take notes.
FYI, there are note-taking apps that can do this for you, like Otter (only audio and text), or Meetgeek (video, audio, and text), and they have a native integration with Zoom.